Key principles

We owe the EDF Group’s performance today - and tomorrow’s achievements - to the expertise, professionalism and dedication of the men and women who work at EDF. Over 158,000 employees worldwide share our common values:

  • Respect for individuals
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Striving for excellence
  • Commitment to the community
  • The necessity of integrity.

We aim to consolidate our position as a leading energy group, both in Europe and worldwide. We firmly believe the key to our success lies in our human resources.

The skills, professionalism, and motivation of the men and women at EDF drive our performance today and will continue to drive our success in the future.

Our human resources strategy is shaped by three components, each of which is integral to our goal of maintaining a sustainable business model:

  • Continuing to develop our skills
  • Fostering a lasting commitment from our employees
  • Introducing greater diversity in the workplace while strengthening our shared culture.


Occupational safety and health


The Group excels in an industry that involves the most sophisticated technology and a high degree of risk: ensuring the health and safety of our employees and service providers is of paramount importance.


We pay special attention to the labour conditions on our workplaces and assess labour conditions  regulary. As requested by the Federal Law of 28.12.2013 n.426-FZ “On special assessment of labour conditions”, in January 2015 we completed the assessment of  on the workplaces in EDF Fenice Rus subdivision in the city of Novocherkassk. In July 2015 we completed the unsheduled assessment of  the workplaces in subdivision in Togliatti. The certification of workplaces in other regional subdivisions will be carried out until the end of the year.


Currently the worplace in Novocherkassk corresponds to the class 3.1, the workplace in Togliatti previously certified with the class 3.2, now corresponds to the class 3.1.


Both subdivision have such a harmful production factor as production equipment subdivision, the level of which exceeds the standards of working conditions. Because there is no possibility to stop the influence of this factor on the workers, we changed ears' personal protection to the more effective with higher protection class. In accordance with Art. 147 of the labour code, the remuneration of employees is established at a higher rate.

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