Why energy service is a future proof business

Energy service is XXI century business


Energy service is a relatively new field of work, especially here in Russia. With every passing day more and more people understand what it means. But not all of the industrial companies perceive the difference between simple energy audit and energy services at large. In fact, energy and ecology services today means the whole range of customized turnkey solutions.


This is why FENICE RUS has an advantage over the other energy service companies: we have 20 years of experience in energy service and ecological projects in different countries and rely on the know-how of other subsidiaries of EDF Fenice and the Group EDF.


All our contracts, in energy performance or in water treatment, are based on BOOT model (Build-Operate-Own-Transfer) allowing clients to reduce their costs. The company’s know how is relevant in various industrial sectors. Our clients work in different fields – from food industry to engine plants. We also work with energy producers interested in modernization and optimization of their facilities.


For the last 10 years the world`s perception of energy sector has entirely changed. Today there is a special legislation of energy saving in all the countries where we work. Russia also doesn`t stay apart the global climate changes and the work for the decrease of CO2 emissions. Following the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) in Paris, Russia took on the commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to 70-75% by 2030 compared to 1990. FENICE RUS works every day to provide for this.


There is no specific recipe of better energy performance. Energy efficiency and energy saving is a lifestyle for industrial plants as much as for individual consumers. We help to implement this new lifestyle and to manage improvements in order to guarantee our clients a better energy production and an eco-friendly business.


Vincent de Rul,

CEO of EDF Fenice Rus

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